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We've chatted about general ideas for the farmhouse kitchen decor plan, but I wanted to pull the whole picture together for you so you can see where this bus is headed. Sources Cabinet color: RePurpose Chroma·Color Paint in Flannel Gray Wall color: Benjamin Moore Decorator's White Countertops: Ikea Karlby Hardware: Anthropologie Simmer glass knob Floor: Natural slate floor tile Faucet: Ikea Vimmern Backsplash: Existing white tile (for now) The idea for the kitchen is to use what we have as best we can, and build on it as we go along. For now we can get a big lift just with paint, a couple of new cabinets, and countertops. I can totally see it all in my head. There is some open shelving where I'll

Dave and I finally closed on the farmhouse yesterday. After years of hunting for the right place and many delays, we have the keys and are home at last. Last night a few good friends stopped by and enjoyed some champagne on the front porch, but this morning we're right to work on painting. I headed over to Sherwin Williams and picked out shades for the dining room and living room. We're starting on the dining room first. Now, my family hails way back to New Orleans and then Galveston. I like that old Gulf Coast vibe in a house, which really lends itself to a dining room, so that's where we're headed. Drama, coziness, comfortable beauty, eclectic touches, a

I have been big time down this whole planner, journal, organization rabbit hole lately. And one thing that is amazing to me is how expensive the Midori Traveler's notebooks are. There's no doubt they're beautiful, and the simple design is so attractive. I love that you can swap in and out any notebooks that serve your immediate needs. But at 45 bucks a pop, I just can't drop that money for something that I know I can make myself in under 10 minutes. The best part of making your own Midori style traveler's notebook is that you can make it in any material, any color, in leather, or vegan materials, however you like. For this project I

I saw this fabulous diy over on Buzzfeed today and couldn't wait to give it a try. First get your fork. This is my fork. There are many others like it but this one is mine. (Ignore the schmutz. It's the craft room fork.) Take your ribbon and wrap it around one outer tine , and then the other. Then take another piece, wrap it around the center of your bow and tie it in the back. That's it! You are Martha freaking Stewart! I added a dot of glue under the knot to keep it secure. Like this? Share it!

I apparently insist on cramming my life full of too many activities, so I’m dag-gone determined to wrangle all of it this year. About a year ago I found a spiffy old DayTimer at a thrift shop for 2 bucks (score!) and it’s been sitting with my craft stuff waiting to be put to duty. I started off with the basic inserts, but am now designing my own pages to round it out with some fun and color. Then I thought, “Hey! Why not post this as a free printable for all those Filofax / DayTimer / Planner people out there who dig this stuff?” And then…I DID.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Nicole (the fabulous lady in chief at Making It Lovely) and I went shopping. I've been really in love with those little wool pom-pom garlands, but while one may not be very expensive, to have enough for a 7 foot tree would really add up. So while we were looking around we saw a Christmas tree chain made from loops of yarn. She suggested that I try to make one with one of these Loopdedoo machines and I got to say I think it's going to work fine! (She's full of great ideas, that gal.) Obviously it won't be ready for this year, but we'll rock it on

Today was a first for me. We had our furniture painting class in Claudia's lovely backyard garden. I don't know about you, but I feel like we really earn our beautiful Chicago summers. Who wants to be inside when you can be outside on a gorgeous day like this? If you're interested in hosting a private furniture painting class, drop an email to I've lowered my head count requirement to two people for a class. So if you were hesitant to book before because you didn't get four people together, I'm not doing that anymore. The price structure is two people for $95 each, three-four people for $85 each, and five-six people for

I just bought this cute little vintage recliner off of Craigslist. I knew it came from a non-smoking home, but when we got it back to the house the smell of curry was pretty obvious. Now, I love (love,love) curry. I put it on my popcorn. I love the way it smells, I love the way it tastes. But the scent of it, so strong on a piece of furniture right next to my nose, isn’t a smell that makes for a good napping spot. And we all know that’s what recliners are for, right?

So I set off to ask Google about how to get the smell of curry out of furniture and this is what I found:

So I’ve been talking on Facebook with you guys about how I injured my shoulder pretty badly a few months ago. And following so many of your recommendations I found a vintage La-Z-Boy recliner to sleep in. It had to have good bones and be cute. I tried to mentally get into the idea of having one of those big, overstuffed, cushy recliners but I just could not do it. I found this one on Craigslist for $45. What I really liked about it is it has that classic La-Z-Boy cush, but looks like a cute little vintage rocker. And I think since the arms aren’t upholstered that it should be a little easier to reupholster. I might try doing this myself.

Have you ever turned a project over and over in your head and then one day it comes into focus and you’re like, “DOH! I’m an idiot. Why haven’t I thought of this by now?”

I knew I wanted something crafty for the garden. I don’t really tend toward store bought solutions for things like this. I prefer to make something out of something else. An old garden gate holds clematis in the backyard, a livestock tank for a soaking tub…you know, stuff like that. Little substitutions that make the environment a bit more interesting.

We've all seen those cute projects on Pinterest showing coffee tables, night stands, and pet beds made out of vintage suitcases, right? Well it's probably one of the simplest upcycling projects you could tackle and lots of fun to boot. Here's one I did recently with a chalkboard top. It'll work as a cute play table with storage for Matchbox cars, Legos, etc. inside, then a game & drawing surface for tic-tac-toe, hangman, checkers, whathaveya. Here's what you'll need: 1 sturdy hard-sided, flat (not tapered) suitcase 4 sets of table leg hardware (find it in the decorative wood section at the hardware store) 4 decorative screw-in table legs, available in several lengths 4 sets of screws and nuts (enough for

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