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620 Eighth Avenue, New York, 10018.


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I'm so proud to be part of the team who made this super cute stop motion film. I normally don't cross the streams of day job and personal creative projects, but I just had to show this off. It was so much fun to make. We make websites, design ads for international brands, hang out with dinosaurs & unicorns, and so much more!

Shocking confession: I'm a geek. I'm a huge geek. I'm a huge geek who was raised by a huge geek in a family of huge geeks. We love 2 things the most. We love aviation and we love tech. My grandfather was a pilot before you had to be licensed to fly. My dad flies. My brothers fly. I was the only girl, surrounded by all of this and never learned anything else. Computers, planes, cameras, soldering guns, circuit boards

Aluminitis: Our Modern Love of Vintage Campers About 14 years ago Autumn (now 22) and I went on a road trip up to Lake Superior Provincial Park. We hiked up waterfalls, rappelled along rock faces covered with ancient Ojibwe pictographs, and kayaked the most crystal clear waters in Pancake Bay. We did all of this in my VW Beetle and a small tent. We set up and broke camp over and over and over and over and over as we traveled all throughout Ontario and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. As we pulled into Tahquamenon Falls State Park, a couple pulled in beside us in a vintage Scamp trailer. Holy crap. It's all the things! And all they

ANY BUDDING FILMMAKERS OUT THERE? I'm giving away a sweet digital audio recorder. I’ve been inspired to start vlogging as I develop my indie documentary, “Aluminitis: Our Modern Love of Vintage Trailers”. As a way to build up an audience (it’s much more fun with an audience!) I’m doing a giveaway. Once I hit 1,000 subscribers, I’ll be giving away a new in-boxTASCAM DR-07MKII Portable Digital Recorder. I panic-purchased this right after I bought the TASCAM DR-100mkII and was scared I wouldn’t be able to figure that out in time for my first interview, which I ended up being fine with. Things got busy and I forgot to return it, so my brain-fart is your gain! A

I got my first camera when I was 5. It was a Kodak Instamatic. I still own one, just for sentimental reasons. I’ve always had a camera nearby. My father is a very talented photographer and that was my area of study at SVA in New York. After SVA I had the amazing stroke of luck to be invited to do some live show photography by some rock bands which rolled out to doing shoots for various publications and later some gallery shows. No matter where I roam, photography is where I always wander back to when I want to express myself both casually and in more elaborate ways.

Back when I went to school, everything was film. I learned to splice and edit the way it had been done for decades and made my first film on a Super 8 camera. The bug to make movies, specifically documentaries, never left. I’m always so interested in the stories folks have to tell. The technology available today finally puts the tools I need within my grasp. I like being scrappy and resourceful, so the fact that I can accomplish what I want to do with very little money is exciting to me and as inspiring as the creative process itself. It’s so MacGyver! Here’s my setup:

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